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G Shaped Kitchens

About Modular Kitchen


G Shaped Kitchen can be used to describe the cabinetry configuration which is having four walls of storage and preparation-area peninsula. The blueprint of this configuration resembles the G shape and hence it is known as the G Shaped Kitchen. It is considered to be the expansion of a U-shaped configuration.

With some upgrades in the model, here you can get this type of kitchen at your home. The G-shaped designs are increasing the total number of base cabinets which can include during the increase of storage space at the time of streamlining the cooking space. The immediate access to your supplies and close countertop space options is considered to be the additional option of this kind of kitchen.


Our FAQs

What is a G-shaped kitchen, and how does it differ from other kitchen layouts?

A G-shaped kitchen is a kitchen layout that features a peninsula or partial fourth wall that creates a G shape. This layout provides additional countertop space and storage options compared to other kitchen layouts, such as U-shaped or L-shaped kitchens.
Yes, G-shaped kitchens can be customized to fit your specific needs and space requirements. At Ideal Modular Kitchen, we offer a wide range of customizable options for G-shaped kitchens, including cabinet sizes, countertop materials, and storage solutions.
We offer a variety of materials and finishes for G-shaped kitchen cabinets and countertops, including high-quality wood, laminate, acrylic, and granite. Our team can help you choose the best materials and finishes based on your style preferences, budget, and functionality needs.
There are several ways to maximize storage space in a G-shaped kitchen design, including adding overhead cabinets, installing pull-out drawers and shelves, and utilizing corner spaces with specialized storage solutions. Our team can provide expert advice and guidance on how to make the most of your kitchen space.
Some popular design trends for G-shaped kitchens include incorporating a kitchen island for additional workspace and storage, using open shelving to display decorative items or everyday dishes, and choosing neutral color schemes with pops of bold accents. Our team can work with you to incorporate these trends into your own G-shaped kitchen project, while still ensuring that it meets your personal style and needs.